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A modern Approach to Feng shui

Susan Domelsmith Cabral is a certified Feng Shui practitioner trained in both Classical and Western Feng Shui with ten years of experience. Clear Space is here to assist you to live your best life.

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Offering a wide range of services including home or business Feng Shui, space clearing, closet organization, building siting, organization and flow to activate beneficial chi energy, electro magnetic field readings and cures, and even horoscope analysis through four pillars of destiny.

Founded in 2018 and based in Austin, Texas.

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Susan with her Lo Pan Compass

Susan with her Lo Pan Compass

About SUsan

Susan attended the University of Texas and earned a dual degree in Psychology and Studio Art, with plans of becoming an art therapist.  The timing wasn’t quite right for this pursuit after graduation, but the fashion industry welcomed her with open arms in 1999.  She thrived in all aspects of the industry including as a stylist, designer and even managing and buying for boutiques including Austin’s own Flipnotics and FactoryPeople.  Later she moved to New York City to pursue her sustainable jewelry business, which quickly became internationally recognized.  Her work was featured in many publications including Vogue China, Teen Vogue, Elle, and People Stylewatch and sold worldwide at boutiques and luxury department stores such as Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford.  During this time in New York, she also sought other creative pursuits including music through writing and performing with the band Open Ocean.  

Through jewelry connections, she became acquainted with Scandinavian artist and designer Henrik Vibskov’s press team, and when they were opening his first avant garde boutique in Soho, NYC, they tapped Susan to help lead the team.  After seven years working with the multi label boutique including some years as Buyer and Retail Director, it was time to move home and reconnect with the therapeutic work that she originally sought.

Susan has been studying feng shui since 2010, when she worked with interior designer Emilia Rich to redesign her jewelry office using some basics of the practice.  Susan became immediately obsessed with the method and read every book she could find, some of which literally fell into her hands (fate!).  She attended seminars in New York including a series with feng shui master William Spear.  Still working full time in the fashion industry, feng shui became a favorite hobby and she helped friends in need with advice and consultations as she gained more knowledge.  At the perfect timing, she was introduced to feng shui master Roger Green of the New York School of Feng Shui and attended training to receive certification.  This line of study was exactly what she had been seeking for years - a deep study of the ancient classical methods and calculations - training in this mode is remarkably difficult to find in the west - to build on her expertise and years of study in the more intuitive form school method.  

In 2017, the internationally acclaimed Danish interior design magazine, Rum, ran a feature on Susan and her home, highlighting her decorating and styling expertise.

Susan currently lives in Austin, Texas with her baby Enzo and her husband Marcos.  In their free time, they host events and make music together including a project called Time Reveals.  


Our certified feng shui practitioners are here to assist you to live your best life!  Whether you are seeking Space Clearing, Closet Organization, Building Siting, or Feng Shui for home or business, we are happy to put our ten + years of experience into practice to help you move forward and reach your goals presently and maintain balance in your space for years to come.  If you are interested in deeper analysis of your Lucky Directions, Flying Star, Four Pillars Chart and Bagua Maps, our certified practitioners are able to provide even more detailed recommendations using these comprehensive methods.  

We are happy to offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation so we can make sure your choice of services will be the most beneficial.  Please call 512-710-5465 to schedule your free phone consultation.  

Clear Space is based in Austin, Texas, but also available to work remotely and travel for special projects.




What is your scheduling policy?

All services can be booked through our scheduling program for your convenience.  If you need to modify or cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  You can also contact us.  


Should I clean before a consultation?

We at Clear Space like to meet our clients where they are.  From a state of non-judgment, we will work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your home, business, or closet.  Believe me, we have seen it all, and we are here to help!  If you feel nervous about having guests without straightening up, please do whatever will make you more at ease during our session.  It is, however, more beneficial for our consultants to see you in your "natural habitat."


How do I see your testimonials?

Please review our testimonials tab and yelp page to see reviews of our services. 


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Feel free to give us a call.