Feng Shui for Love

A special consultation package dedicated to bringing love into your life! Together we will examine your feng shui and introduce some helpful meditation and mantras. During this two hour session, we will identify and enhance the bagua and ba zhai sectors of your home dedicated to love and relationships, examine the balance of elements, and conduct and interview to see if any thoughts or actions are holding you back from allowing new opportunities into your life. Package includes a love workbook and a specific love elements sun catcher for you to keep,



We will determine what are the luckiest of directions for you by drafting your Ming Gua chart based on the energy of your birth time.   Your lucky directions are best to implement at both work and home, or wherever you spend a great deal of time. We will need to know your birth date to draft your chart. This service is done remotely, and a great starting point for anyone curious about Feng Shui. 


Learn more about Lucky Directions and Ming Gua! 



Style is the quickest form of communication.  Are you projecting to yourself and others in alignment with who you want to be?  With over 18 years experience working in the fashion industry in Austin and New York City, you will be in very capable hands with Susan as she gives you a styling consultation with items you already own. We will put together outfits that enhance your figure and make you feel better and more confident. In addition, we will review your closet and clear out blockages with space clearing to increase organization and flow.  1.5 hours $150

Available add on services: 

-After reviewing your closet are you wanting to clear it out and start fresh with a new wardrobe?  Let’s go shopping!  Susan will accompany you on a shopping trip that fits your budget and will help you find your perfect new style to help you become the person you want to be. 75$ an hour.



Are you or a loved one on a healing journey?  Would you like to increase productivity in your workplace?   By identifying and controlling Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) in your living or work space you can increase the resiliency of immune and brain function.  If you are in the market for a new home or location for your business and you want to make sure the space will support the health of you and your family or staff, this service is highly recommended before you finalize the purchase or lease.  Using sensitive scientific measuring devices, we will identify the main EMF, Magnetic, Radio and Microwave offenders, and offer solutions on how to eliminate or lessen the impact to you and those you share the space with.   40$ for one half hour. 



Through drafting your four pillars chart, we can assess the elements that were predominate at the precise true solar time of your birth.  With thorough analysis, we will identify your helpful elements, compatibility with partners, and lucky timing for major life events so you will have the most success with your endeavors.  During the consultation, we will advise you on how to incorporate your helpful elements in your surroundings so you will feel more supported. This service is done remotely via Skype, or can be added on to your in person Feng Shui consultation.   $90 per chart.