Our certified feng shui practitioners are here to assist you to live your best life!  Whether you are seeking Space Clearing, Closet Organization, Building Siting, or Feng Shui for home or business, we are happy to put our ten + years of experience into practice to help you move forward and reach your goals presently and maintain balance in your space for years to come.  If you are interested in deeper analysis of your Lucky Directions, Flying Star, Four Pillars Chart and Bagua Maps, our certified practitioners are able to provide even more detailed recommendations using these comprehensive methods.  

We are happy to offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation so we can make sure your choice of services will be the most beneficial.  Please call 512-710-5465 to schedule your free phone consultation.  

Clear Space is based in Austin, Texas, but also available to work remotely and travel for special projects.