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Space Clearing

Space clearing is one of the most instantly transformative techniques of Feng Shui.  It includes decluttering, organizing and opening up a space to release “stuck” energy.  Most of our possessions carry our memories with them, is there something that is not benefiting you but still lingering around?  Time to clear it out of your life!  You will immediately feel a weight lift from your shoulders as you release it with gratitude and care.  Sometimes letting go is hard, and Susan’s degree in Psychology will assist with the therapeutic act of detaching from your past.  

Space Clearing is also useful when moving into a new space.  You don’t want the influence of the former occupants lingering and effecting the energy of your new home or office.  Have you ever noticed how the air in a room is thicker after an argument or disagreement?  Space Clearing can open the space back up for more helpful energy.  If you even have an unwanted spiritual intruder, we will help you part ways in a compassionate and helpful manner.  In addition to decluttering and organizing, our space clearing methods include the cleansing use of sea salt, burning of clarifying incense,  and the use of various sounds to remove stuck energies, release stagnation and freshen your space.  


The feng shui bagua one of the most important tools used during evaluations to analyze the energy of any space, including homes, offices, gardens, and even desks.  Essentially the bagua is the feng shui energy map of your space that indicates which areas of your office or home are connected to specific areas of your life.  The areas include Career, Relationship, Family, Wealth, Health, Helpfulness, Creativity, Knowledge, and Reputation.  If there is a problem in any of these areas, they will be especially thoroughly evaluated during a consultation, and changes will be implemented so that the correct elements are activated to support the intended outcome, whether it is a short term or lifelong goal.  


Also called Eight Mansions, this integral Feng Shui method is used to locate beneficial chi cycles to improve your luck and well-being.  After identifying auspicious and negative portents of a home or office I offer suggestions to enhance helpful individual locations that promote harmonious relationships, clear thinking, health and prosperity.  

Yin and Yang

The principle of yin and yang can be found everywhere.  It is present in the 24 hour sun cycle, the seasons, in all areas of the galaxy.  Everything in existence a mixture of the two, even the most yang objects have yin characteristics.  The sun is extremely yang, but it’s sphere shape is a very yin shape.  Therefore, everything in the natural world is in balance.  This phenomenon was deeply examined by Chinese philosophers and doctors.  The first known application was in the Chinese medicine book Nei Ching or the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine from 2600BC.  It is also the foundation of the I Ching, and as a result, feng shui.  

Some examples to illustrate this principle are below. 

Yin / Yang

Midnight / Noon

Moon / Sun

Winter / Summer

Stillness / Activity

Domestic / Business

Metal / Fire

North / South

Blue / Red

I Ching

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a very ancient oracle and book, dating back to more than two thousand years before Confucius.  It was written by four of the most honored Chinese sages in history, and is considered one of the holiest document in ancient literature.   Despite it's antiquity, it still remains fully relevant today in many cultures around the world.  

The I Ching has influenced many philosophies and disciplines, including Feng Shui, and is fundamentally based on the principles of yin and yang.  

During an I Ching reading, you ask a specific question, and from there, we will determine which of the 64 hexagrams is pertinent to your present situation.  From there we will help you interpret the philosophical and symbolic message and assess how it is best to implement the directions into your life.  

Elements of Feng Shui

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are recognized as being the basis of all that exists.  We humans are a combination of all of the elements, so we need a presence of the elements all working in balance with each other in order to thrive and feel healthy in our space.  Each direction, organ of the body, time of day, season, shape, and sector of the Bagua (actually in reality, everything can be assessed with elemental theory) are associated with a specific element which can be supported if it is beneficial for the location.  Or it can be drained of potency if it is deemed harmful.  We analyze the balance of elements in each area of your home and make sure that they are helping increase the stability and luck of your space.    Five feng shui elements theory, when applied correctly, can bring enormous improvement to any space.

Ming Gua and Lucky Directions

Your Ming Gua number indicates the energy and elements that were predominant during your year of birth.  The currents of our natal life force are tracked by calculations of universal and natural forces in this method of Chinese Astrology.  

The time during our gestation and at the time of our birth, we absorb the energy of the time. Throughout our lives, if we align to these same vibrations, life will run more smoothly for us.  We can track the magnetic waves with the Ming Gua, and working with it will allow you to tune in to these currents.  We respond more positively to the four lucky directions that are present in our group, which is either aligned to East Life or West Life.  

The Ming Gua number and corresponding lucky directions are used by Feng Shui practitioners to align clients to their most auspicious directions to increase a person’s luck. 

Of course, functionality of a room through correct implementation of Form School Feng Shui is the first concern, but if it is possible to align your desk or seats so you are facing a lucky direction, or your bed so your head is facing your lucky direction while you sleep, then it is an extra bonus! 

Flying Star

Flying Star is a dynamic technique of Feng Shui that incorporates time and space, and the balance of yin and yang.  It examines the cycles of change according to the cosmological Solar Calendar in relation to the directions of the bagua, which is one of the main tools of examining space in Feng Shui.  Simply put, the Flying Star is the horoscope of your building, a birth chart that takes into consideration the construction completion date and the sitting and facing directions.  

You can use this chart in relation to your space to activate the most auspicious areas through the completion of our current “age,” which ends in the first months of 2024.  We will also analyze the energies especially of the current year and advise where your Mountain and Water Stars are placed in your layout.  From there, we consult on the best methods to enhance the most auspicious areas and how to calm and balance areas that could become problematic with improper treatment.    

Classical Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a very practical philosophy that is six thousand years old.  The patterns of nature have been throughly analyzed to allow humanity be more in harmony with the natural world.  The most simplified goal of feng shui is to improve one’s destiny through design.  All practitioners are versed in the intuitive Form School.   To also incorporate Classical feng shui, a compass is essential to locate all of the areas of the bagua including Career, Relationship, Family, Wealth, Health, Helpfulness, Creativity, Knowledge, and Reputation.  Our practice also incorporates the use of Flying Star, Ming Gua, Bahzhai, and Four Pillars for one of the most thorough evaluations available in the West.

Form School / Intuitive Feng Shui

This ancient method was originally called Kan Yu which translates to Heaven / Earth and Yang /Yin.  Form School evaluates how physical structures and objects impact people and the immediate effect of how one feels in a space.  This is the foundation of Feng Shui and all evaluations thoroughly analyze the physical flow for optimal efficiency before other methods are used.   Form School feng shui creates flow, balance and harmony to open up and improve one’s environment, the highest goal is to create the same balance that is present in nature.

Ming Tang

The transformational area between outside and inside your space, the Ming Tang will make a first subliminal or overt impression on your your clients, guests and members of your household.  This first impression will taint the overall perception of your home or office if not executed properly, and could risk damaging your reputation or relationships.  It is best to keep this area clear, clean, bright and inviting.  Elements can additionally be introduced to support the location of the Bagua in which it falls for even further enhancement.  The Ming Tang between rooms can also be evaluated, but the main entrance is the most important to emphasize and analyze.    


Known in many cultures by different names, (Qi, Ki, Prada, Gu, Mana) Chi is essentially the life force and vibration of all matter whether it is living or not.  As those who have studied physics know, all matter is essentially composed of energy at the atomic level.  The goal of Feng Shui is to draw in and contain beneficial Sheng Chi within your space for maximum stability and prosperity, and to deflect harmful Sha Chi using various elemental cures.  

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. Human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function) and electromagnetic fields can scramble that delicate communication. So excessive exposure to EMFs can adversely affect your body, especially the brain, heart, and mitochondria can be particularly affected by EMF interference.  

Sources of EMF’s include microwave ovens, televisions, baby monitors, home electrical circuits, wireless internet, computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, cell phones, power lines, cell phone towers and transformers.  

How can these affect you? 

Especially if you are in the process of healing from an illness, you want to give yourself the best advantage and limit your EMF exposure as it affects immune response.  EMF’s can also cause less serious but still annoying symptoms such as insomnia, depression, dizziness and headaches.  According to the World Health Organization, EMFs are a possible carcinogen, and extended exposure can lead to severe illness.

Let me help you minimize or rid your space of harmful electromagnetic fields.

Four Pillars

Based on sixty year lunar cycles and the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, four pillars of destiny charts outline the yin and yang nature of each element of your horoscope by analyzing your true solar birth time.  Hours, days, months, and years are all assigned one of the ten Heavenly Stems and one of the twelve Earthly Branches in the cycle.  Your fortune is determined by assessing the characteristics of the stems and branches for each time component of your birth.  

Traditionally used in ancient China to gauge compatibility prior to weddings, this astrology method is continually used today for partnerships in both love and business, as well as identifying helpful elements and lucky timing.  Helpful elements will support the areas that will bring the most balance and energy to your chart, and these elements can be incorporated into your home, office and wardrobe.  Through analyzing the charts for future days, months or years, we can assess what timing would be the most beneficial to you for any major upcoming life events.