Are you starting a new business or would you like to see a boost in productivity of your current trade?  Our business services will analyze all aspects including signage, logos, customer flow, lucky directions of managers, online presence, and the Bagua map of your business.  From there, we will assure that the auspicious areas are properly activated to support your prosperity.  This consultation includes Intuitive analysis, a thorough evaluation of the Ming Tang, and a Compass reading with Bagua map of the sectors of your business so we can best locate and activate areas to increase wealth and balanced relationships with both employees and clients.  Three hours for 500$

Available add on services: 

-Flying Star Chart to assess how the energy of your building is currently activated.  175$

-Calculate Lucky Directions for additional members of the office.  15$ each person 

-Measure levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), and offer remedies to increase immune response, health, focus and productivity of your workplace.  30$ 

-Space Clearing to help unblock, energize and organize your space.  80$ for any additional hours

-Promotional Material Feng Shui - we will evaluate the elements and design of your business cards and other promotional materials, both physical and online, to ensure that you are engaging with clients in a beneficial manner.   50$



Are your possessions serving you or holding you back? Space Clearing can help you unblock and energize a space for the best energy flow, whether you are moving to a new location or are seeking fresh energy for your current space.   Have you noticed any bad vibes lurking around?  Using a variety of techniques, we will help you to move out draining energies so your space will have your back. 

1 hour $120

Additional time is 80$ per hour for larger projects.

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Are you on a healing journey?  Would you like to increase productivity in your workplace?   By identifying and controlling Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) in your work space you can increase the resiliency of immune and brain function.  If you are in the market for a new location for your business and you want to make sure the space will support the health of you and your staff, this service is highly recommended before you finalize the purchase or lease.  Using sensitive scientific measuring devices, we will identify the main EMF, Magnetic, Radio and Microwave offenders, and offer solutions on how to eliminate or lessen the impact to you and those you share the space with.   40$ for one half hour. 



If you are building a new site for your business, we will work with your architects to examine the land and help you situate the building for the best outcome.  We will examine the elements, flow of Chi and balance of the site, Lucky Directions for the current age, as well as for the directions for business owners, and advise on which siting location will be most supportive for the inhabitants.  In depth analysis using Classical feng shui and Flying Star methods to advise on the best sector to activate, especially with entryway (aka ming tang) location.   Two hours for 400$



We will determine what are the luckiest of directions for you by drafting your Ming Gua chart based on the energy of your birth time.   Your lucky directions are best to implement at both work and home, or wherever you spend a great deal of time. We will need to know your birth date to draft your chart. This service is done remotely, and a great starting point for anyone curious about Feng Shui. 


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